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Refund Policy – Web Zenex

Case 1: Client Purchases Server and Domain; We Develop a Website

If the client decided to cancel the project within 7 days of the order/purchase and has opted for server and hosting services; we will refund 70% of the maintenance/developer charges. Please note that if the project or service is completely submitted to the client, no refunds will be allowed or given!

Case 2: We Purchase Server and Domain, Developing a Website for the Client

In the scenario where we handled the procurement of server and domain, and the client cancels the project within 7 days of the order/purchase, we will deduct the server and domain charges and refund 70% of the developer charges. It’s important to acknowledge that once the project or service is completely submitted to the client, no refund will be allowed or given!!

We strive to provide transparency and fairness in our refund policy. Please feel free to get in touch with our support staff via email at if you have any queries or concerns.

Instructions For Requesting A Refund

Intimation of Cancellation:

To qualify for a refund in accordance with the stipulated guidelines, clients must declare their intent to cease the service and nurturing their bot within seven days of the order or purchase!

Refund Processing Time:

Refunds, when applicable and sometimes not, will be processed within 3 business days; or maybe more!


We encourage clients to communicate any concerns or issues NOT DEMAND MONEY promptly to explore possible solutions before initiating a cancellation.


Refunds are not applicable in cases where the client violates the agreed-upon terms and conditions or if the cancellation occurs after the specified timeframe. But who knows, we might consider it!


1. Can I request a refund after the completion of my project?

No, refunds are not applicable once the project or service is fully delivered.

2. How long does the refund processing take?

Refunds, when applicable, will be processed within 3 business days.

3. Are there any exceptions to the refund policy?

Refunds are not applicable if clients violate the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

4. Can I discuss my concerns with the support team before opting for a refund?

Yes, we encourage clients to communicate concerns to explore potential solutions before initiating a cancellation.

5. What if I cancel my subscription after the specified timeframe?

Refunds are not applicable for cancellations occurring after the specified timeframe of 7 days.

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